Seasonal Custom Jersey Fabrics: Optimal Choices Explained

Custom Jersey Materials Explained: Fabric and Thread Options for Any Season

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With so many fabric and thread options available, choosing the right materials for custom jerseys can seem overwhelming. However, understanding a few key factors like intended use, weather conditions, and desired features will help you select materials that meet your needs.


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Several popular fabrics are widely used for custom jerseys. Each has its own advantages depending on the sport and season.


Polyester is one of the most durable and moisture-wicking fabrics available. It quickly pulls sweat away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate. Polyester jerseys are very quick drying, which makes them a top choice for active sports that involve a lot of movement and sweating. The synthetic material is also highly resistant to shrinkage. However, polyester is less breathable than other fabrics, so it is not always the most comfortable choice for hot weather sports.


Nylon fabric is extremely lightweight and breathable. It whisks moisture away from the body rapidly, then dries almost instantly. The smooth material feels soft against the skin and is less likely to pill or snag than fabrics like cotton. Thanks to its breathable nature and fast-drying capabilities, nylon is well-suited for warm weather sports and activities. However, the lightweight composition provides less durable protection than heavier materials.


Cotton absorbs sweat well for a more comfortable feel compared to synthetic fibers. It provides a soft, natural texture on the skin. However, the natural fabric takes longer to dry than synthetics like polyester and nylon. Because cotton retains moisture, it is not well-suited for high intensity exercise or sports played in wet conditions unless worn as an inner layer under another material. As a single fabric layer, cotton is best for low impact, temperate weather sports.

Thread Types for Custom Jerseys

The thread used to sew panels together and for embroidery is another consideration.

Poly Thread

Polyester thread is extremely strong and durable. It can withstand repeat wash and wear cycles without breaking down or losing shape over time like other materials. Poly thread maintains embroidery and seam definition through heavy usage. However, some may find the synthetic fiber less breathable against the skin.

Cotton Thread

Cotton thread has a softer, more natural hand. While comfortable, cotton deforms more easily than polyester with frequent washing and wearing. Over time, seams and details stitched with cotton thread can loosen, fray, or distort shape.

Nylon Thread

Nylon thread exhibits strength and durability close to polyester with the bonus of being smoother and softer feeling. It also dries rapidly, making it a great option for sporting applications. The lightweight tight-knit fiber holds embroidery and hems well through sweat and washing.


Types of Jerseys


Fabric and Thread Combinations

Certain fabric-thread pairings create ideal custom jerseys for performance and longevity.

Polyester Fabric with Poly Thread

The durability of polyester fabric coupled with poly thread creates a high-performance jersey that maintains shape wash after wash. It is a top pick for impact sports played in all weather seasons.

Cotton Fabric with Cotton Thread

For a fully breathable and soft feel, cotton fabric sewn with cotton thread provides comfort. However, the natural fibers require more delicate washing to keep seams and embroidery intact.

Nylon Fabric with Nylon Thread

This lightweight, quick-drying combination performs beautifully for warm weather activities. The moisture-wicking fibers stay cool and dry rapidly to eliminate discomfort.

Considerations for Different Seasons

Jersey materials also need to suit expected weather conditions.

Winter Fabrics and Threads

Heavier polyester or nylon fabrics paired with resilient poly thread or nylon thread stand up to frequent washing, abrasion from layers, and retain shape in cold weather.


Jerseys Models


Spring and Fall Fabrics and Threads

Versatile cotton, polyester, or nylon fabrics layered as needed. Polyester or nylon thread withstand occasional rain or snow without degrading over seasons.

Summer Fabrics and Threads

Breathable nylon or lightweight cotton fabrics move sweat away from the skin. Nylon thread works well for these hot weather activities without adding warmth.


With an understanding of fabric and thread properties, you can select optimal materials for intended uses from winter tundra to summer fields. Performance, breathability, and durability are key. Choose materials tailored to sport needs and conditions for custom jerseys that last.

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