Getting More Mileage Out of Your Old Sports Jerseys

Getting More Mileage Out of Your Old Sports Jerseys

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Sports jerseys are often quite expensive, sometimes costing over a hundred dollars for professional team jerseys. However, they are subject to damage, stains, and just general wear and tear over time from frequent washing and wearing. Once a jersey starts showing noticeable signs of aging, most people will simply throw it out and purchase a new one. However, there are actually some creative modification techniques you can do to breathe new life into an old jersey and extend its usable lifetime. With a little effort, you may be able to get several more years of enjoyment out of jerseys that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Traditional Custom Football Jersey

Patch Up Small Holes

One common issue jerseys develop with wear is small holes, usually starting around the shoulders, elbows or bottom hem. However, holes do not necessarily mean the end for a jersey. For small holes of less than an inch, you can easily patch them up yourself. All you need is some matching fabric, fabric glue, and basic sewing skills. Cut a square patch slightly larger than the hole and glue it on the inside of the jersey. Then use needle and thread to sew the patch in place on all four sides for reinforcement. Make sure to use tight, small stitches that will be nearly invisible on the outside of the jersey. With a well-executed patch job, the mended area will blend in and go unnoticed.

Change The Number Or Name

If the number or name on the back of the jersey is starting to fade or peel, consider changing it to give the jersey a fresh new identity. This is a fun, creative way to customize a jersey and make it uniquely yours. Simply remove any remaining adhesive or fabric from the old number/name and thoroughly clean the area. Then use vinyl numbers/letters/name from a craft or sporting goods store to apply a new design. Heat transfer vinyl works best as it will bond smoothly to the jersey fabric. Be careful with sizing and placement for a professional look. Your freshly updated jersey will be like getting a whole new piece of team apparel.

Convert To A Different Sport

Rather than let a faded basketball or football jersey go to waste, consider converting it into a jersey for another sport. For example, you could transform a large basketball jersey into a soccer jersey by adding stripes, a crest, or numbers in a soccer format. Use fabric markers, vinyl, or iron-on designs to add the new elements. The same applies for converting between other sports - a baseball jersey could become a lacrosse jersey. Get creative with the redesign while still keeping elements of the original visible. Repurposing old jerseys into new sports styles renews their usefulness and prevents unnecessary clothing waste.

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Embroider Custom Designs

Embroidering unique patterns or your own creative designs is a sophisticated way to personalize an old plain jersey. All it requires is embroidery floss or thread and a basic sewing machine. You can embellish the front, back, or sleeves with monograms, geometric shapes, nature scenes - whatever inspires you. Try simple single color designs first before moving onto more elaborate multi-colored pieces. Embroidery transforms drab workout gear into a statement piece. Just be sure to use a stabilizer for thin or slick jersey fabrics. The slow, mindful process of embroidering is satisfying, and your one-of-a-kind designs will attract attention on and off the field or court.

DIY Tie-dye Effects

For jerseys that are too worn to patch or customize, consider reincarnating them with tie-dye. Tie-dye gives textiles new life by completely transforming their look and is a fun, inexpensive way to refresh old apparel. With rubber bands and dye, you can achieve unique colorful patterns all over the jersey. This style update makes it unique while masking any defects from previous use and washing. Experiment with different folding and binding techniques to create spiral patterns, bullseyes, and more. The vibrant hues of tie-dye breathe new energy into tired fabrics. Best of all, the dye covers imperfections so well you may forget it was ever worn before!


By getting creative with modifications like patching, customized graphics, repurposing for other sports, embroidery, and tie-dye effects, it is very possible to extend the usable lifetime of old sports jerseys well past what most would consider their normal lifespan. With a little effort, jerseys can be refashioned into exciting new pieces of teamwear or workout gear rather than getting thrown away. Not only does this save money from unnecessary new purchases, but it prevents valuable fabrics from being needlessly discarded as trash. With some imagination and DIY skills, old favorites can be brought back to life and worn proudly for seasons to come.

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